Chef's Christmas Memories 大廚的聖誕回憶

Christmas in Italy

Andrea Accordi- Executive Chef

In Italy, the celebration starts on Christmas Eve with many courses of fish. A classic fish soup, lots of starters like scallops, octopus and calamari. Everything is prepared very simply but with top quality ingredients. This might go on until midnight when we finish with panettone and grappa.

On Christmas Day the table is full all afternoon. Tortellini with capon broth. A whole baby lamb. All the extended family comes by and everyone cooks something. There always has to be risotto. My mother makes this risotto with her special homemade sausage. My mom is the only one allowed to touch it (and I never complain!).

Christmas is the day of the year to be together as family. A big table full of food brings us all together.








Holidays in France

Guillaume Galliot- Chef de Cuisine, Caprice

Growing up, we used to celebrate Christmas Eve at my grandfather’s house with about 35 cousins, aunts and uncles. My grandfather was a large man, about 140 kg. There would be so much food on the table- salmon, foie gras terrine, oysters. And we always had wild venison, a gift from my grandfather’s hunter friend, with homemade cranberry sauce.

Now working in Asia, I don’t go back to France very often so our traditions have changed. A few years ago another chef friend and I both had to work on Christmas lunch, so we decided to get together at 8:30am for breakfast. We made scrambled eggs and truffle, caviar and blinis, and champagne of course. I was back at work by 11:30.


小時候,我會與35位表兄弟、阿姨和叔叔們在祖父的家裏慶祝平安夜。我的祖父是一個大個子,大概重140公斤。桌子上會有數之不盡的食物 - 例如三文魚、鵝肝醬和生蠔等。我們總有野生鹿肉吃。它是來自祖父獵人朋友的禮物,用自製蔓越莓醬調製。