How to Create a Home Sanctuary Anywhere



How to Create a Home Sanctuary Anywhere

Shoshana Weinberg, Senior Director of Spa


The festive season brings immense joy, but it can also deplete the body of much needed energy. Between family get-togethers and work functions, shopping for presents and getting glammed up for holiday parties, it can seem like the season is an endless cycle of socializing and party prepping.

It is important to carve out some time for yourself to recharge and reflect. Creating a space within your home for a healing sanctuary will help to ground the body, find mindfulness and renew your holiday spirit.


You do not need a lot of space to create a home sanctuary. A terrace with a lovely view, a bath tub, or even your bed can be temporarily transformed into a haven of calm and renewal.

1. The bath is my favorite place to find mindfulness. Being surrounded by warm waters immediately puts me into a womb-like state. I like to infuse my bath with my favorite essential oils and natural sea salt.

2. Crystals are very useful in cleansing negative energy. I like to soak with them in the water but you can also place them along the edge of the tub along with aromatic candles like those from Portus Cale.

3. Herbs are another easy way to add healing elements to the bath. Rose blossoms, fennel and chamomile, all aid in relaxation and help with restful sleep.

4. If you are on a terrace or in bed, get in a comfortable seated position with a straight spine. If you like, get under a blanket. Kashwére makes the most deliciously soft blankets, perfect for cuddling up beneath.

5. Light a candle or consider an aroma burner, like the latest models from dōTERRA, to diffuse essential oils in the air to clean, heal and restore.

6. The most sacred part of a home sanctuary is using affirmations to settle into a healing space. “I am not the mind, I am not the body. I am love.”

Let the Spa Boutique at Four Seasons help you build the perfect home sanctuary. Crystals, essential oils, salts, candles and blankets, are all available for sale on Level 6 of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong



亞太區資深水療總監Shoshana Weinberg





1. 浸浴是我其中一個最喜歡作息的地方。四周的溫水包圍著我,讓我感到滿滿的安全感。我喜歡在沐浴時放入我喜愛的精油和天然海鹽。

2. 水晶能有效釋放負能量,所以我喜歡把它們浸在水中。您也可以把它們與自Portus Cale蠟燭一起放在浴缸邊。

3. 草藥是另一個方法讓您的浸浴達致舒緩效果。玫瑰花、茴香和洋甘菊,都有助放鬆、改善睡眠品質。

4. 如果您在露台或床上,請坐下找個舒適的姿勢,然後把脊椎挺直。如果您喜歡,拿一條毯子蓋著自己。Kashwére所製作的毯子尤其柔軟保暖。

5. 點燃一支蠟燭,或者考慮使用芬香燃燒器,如dōTERRA的最新產品,將精油散發到空氣中將空間清潔和修復。

6. 作息空間最重要的一環是採用對自己的肯定進入放空解放的境界。