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25% savings - 120 Minutes Abhyanga & Shirodhara (Mon – Thurs; except Public Holidays)

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This ritual is inspired by the Ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda and starts with a full body massage including Marma points with a Tri Dosha balancing oil. This is followed by a steady dripping of warmed Ayurvedic oils on the third eye chakra to calm and soothe the nervous system. This treatment is highly recommended for bringing the body into a state of balance and optimum function while also aiding with stress relief, headaches, and sleeplessness.

75折 - 120 分鐘印度阿育吠陀滴油芳療按摩 (週一至週四,公眾假期除外)

該全身按摩以阿育吠陀的古代治療傳統為靈感,針對Marma點,並使用Tri Dosha精油重新平衡自己的內在能量。理療師將熱油慢慢滴在第三隻眼輪,舒緩神經系統。療程有極佳的抗壓作用,還可改善皮膚狀況和睡眠質素,並有效平衡情緒,放鬆神經和內分泌系統,讓人容易進入深度睡眠,享受寧静的喜悅。

Terms and Conditions:

    • The promotion is only valid from now until October 15, 2023
    • The voucher can be redeemed for the assigned treatment and can only be purchased through the Four Seasons Hong Kong eShop
    • The Spa voucher will be available for collection at The Spa located on the 6/F of the Hotel. The physical voucher must be presented upon redemption
    • The Spa voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions
    • Lost vouchers will not be replaced, and their value will not be refunded
    • Purchased Spa vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be resold or used for other commercial purposes
    • Each Spa voucher can only be used once and is not exchangeable for cash. Any unused balance cannot be refunded, carried forward, or combined
    • The redemption of the Spa Voucher is valid until December 31, 2023, and no extensions will be allowed
    • This Spa Voucher is only valid from Monday to Thursday, except on public holidays
    • Advance reservations are required and are subject to availability. Please indicate the use of this voucher when making a reservation
    • Please present the original voucher upon redemption, or the original price will be charged
    • For reservations, please contact the Spa Concierge at 3196 8900 or email

      • 此優惠只適用於至2023年1015
      • 此水療中心禮券只適用於指定的療程並只在香港四季酒店網上商店出售
      • 已購買的水療中心禮券可於酒店6樓的水療中心領取。兌換此禮券時必須出示實物作憑證
      • 此水療中心禮券不可與其他優惠同時使用
      • 遺失的禮券將不予補發,也不會退還其價值
      • 水療中心禮券不可退款,也不可用於轉售或作其他商業用途
      • 每張水療中心禮券只能使用一次。水療中心禮券不可兌換現金。未使用的餘額亦不可退還,結轉或合併
      • 此水療中心禮券適用至2023年12月31日使用並不可延期
      • 此水療中心禮券只適用於星期一至星期四,公眾假期除外
      • 任何療程必須提前預訂, 項目均視情況而定。預訂療程時請表明使用此禮券
      • 請在享用優惠當日出示水療中心禮券以作兌換, 如未能出示此禮券, 須以正價付款
      • 請致電3196 8900或電郵至 與水療中心團隊預訂療程