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ARGO Igneous Gibson (500 ml) ARGO 吉普生調酒 (500毫升)

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Granite Grey Goose + ARGO Botanical Spirit + Charred Pickle Vermouth
多孔花崗岩浸灰雁伏特加 + ARGO植物酒 + 醃漬物苦艾酒

Gibson with a Vesper martini soul — a savoury yet clean and dry take on the appreciated martini variation. Granite adds minerality and alkaline presence to the sip while complementing the unique flavour of our own ARGO Botanical Spirit, produced in collaboration with the local award-winning N.I.P Distillery.

吉普生 (Gibson) 帶有薇斯朋馬丁尼 (Vesper martini)的靈魂——一種美味豐富、乾爽又清新的馬丁尼。花崗岩為酒增添礦物質和鹼性,加入我們與本地 釀酒廠N.I.P合作生產的 ARGO 植物烈酒,兩種風味相得益彰。

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