Supernova Facial by Joanna Vargas Supernova 尊貴面部護理

Duration90 - minute

Incorporating state-of-art, anti-ageing technology, this is the treatment responsible for many of the radiant faces on the red carpet. The facial resurfaces the skin with an enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation, leaving the skin baby-smooth. Next, microcurrent contours and depuffs complexion, and a hydrating mask infuses it with vital nutrients. Finally, it ends with cryotherapy, which increases cellular metabolism, circulation and oxygenation while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. The results are healthy, youthful and glowing skin.

這項尊貴面部護理採用最先進的抗老技術,被視爲荷里活星級首選的美容方案,讓肌膚時刻飽滿細緻,容光煥發。此護理採用溫和酵素及去角質,讓肌膚恢復嬰兒般新生狀態。護理更搭配微電流療法,有效消除面部浮腫,塑造緊緻的線條和輪廓,同時配合保濕面膜以修復肌膚。最後採用冷凍療法,以加速細胞代謝並刺激微血液循環,從而增加氧合作用,達至促進肌膚修復及再生過程,使皮膚回復光滑柔嫩。 為確保最佳效果,建議每月進行一次面部護理。

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          Supernova Facial by Joanna Vargas Supernova 尊貴面部護理