ARGO T-Shirt 短袖恤衫


 Terms & Conditions:

  • Each email confirmation for ARGO T-Shirt can be redeemed only for the selected product
  • Redemption of the ARGO T-Shirt is valid at ARGO on the Lobby Level from Monday to Saturday (5pm to 11pm) at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong only
  • Each email confirmation for ARGO T-Shirt can only be used once and is not exchangeable for cash
  • Lost email confirmation for ARGO T-Shirt will not be replaced nor its value refunded
  • Email confirmation must be presented upon redemption. Original price will be charged in absence of the email confirmation
  • Purchased ARGO T-Shirt is non-refundable and is not for re-sale or other commercial purposes
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong shall be final
  • For inquiries and bookings, please contact our Cake Shop at 3196 8159 or email


  • 每張電子確認郵件只適用於兌換指定的產品
  • 已購買的ARGO  T-Shirt可於週一至週六下午5點至晚上11時期間在ARGO自行提取
  • 每張ARGO T-Shirt自取電子確認郵件只能使用一次及不可兌換現金
  • 遺失的ARGO T-Shirt自取電子確認郵件將不予補發,也不會退還其價值
  • 兌換時必須出示已購買的電子確認郵件作憑證,如未能出示電子確認郵件, 須以正價付款
  • 已購買的ARGO  T-Shirt不可退款,也不可轉售或用於其他商業用途
  • 如有任何爭議,香港四季酒店保留最終決定權
  • 如有任何查詢或預訂,請致電3196 8159或電郵至 與餅店團隊聯絡

ARGO T-Shirt 短袖恤衫