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Delivery Charge to Hong Kong Island

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Terms & Conditions 條款與細則 :

  • Confirmed delivery order is non-refundable and is not accepted for changing to other purposes. 
  • Delivery order is only valid on your selected pick up date and no extension will be allowed. Guest must confirm availability of recipient. Original price will be charged for re-delivery. 
    送貨訂單只適用於你所選取的日期當天並不可延期。訂購方須確認收件人能於安排時間收件。如需次安排送貨, 須以正價付款
  • Delivery Service is only applicable to products of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
  • Delivery time will be between 10am and 5pm. Specific time slot will not be accepted. 
  • 72 hours advanced order is required.
  • Recipient must confirm the product is being received in good condition. 
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong shall be final.
  • 如有任何爭議,香港四季酒店保留最終決定權
  • For inquiries and orders, please contact Festive team at 3196 8159 or email
  • 如有任何查詢或預訂,請致電3196 8159或電郵至 與節日櫃檯團隊聯絡