Second Skin 第二層肌膚面部療程

Duration60 - minute

Second Skin is a lifting and regenerating electrospun mask that targets damaged Skin Instants©. A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti-aging treatment will visibly lift and correct signs of aging. To create the mask, revolutionary technology uses electric force to weave a fiber patch made of 80% hyaluronic acid. These patches are then strategically applied to target areas to address fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in plumper, more hydrated, glowing skin. 90 minutes: Includes additional collagen mask., 120 minutes: Uses Electroporation machine, Cocktail d’ Actifs Regenerants and collagen mask.

此療程的抗衰老面膜 ,屬非入侵性醫學美容,特別針對肌膚損毀情況,能實時治理衰老的癥狀,是注射式療程的優秀替代品。Bioloqique Recherche 用10年時間研發Hyaluronic Acid Electrospun機器,操作猶如一部3D打印機,能將醫學級別的純透明質酸編織成細薄的再生提升靜電面膜,高濃度精華原液 成就了此療程的基礎,讓精華直接滲透肌膚。療程之後,肌膚實時收緊散發光彩,讓面部輪廓更分明,迅間減齡。 1 小時: 第2層肌膚面部療程。 1.5 小時: 第2層肌膚面部療程加上Bioloqique Recherche Remodelling機器。 2 小時: 第2層肌膚全臉精華素療程,再以Bioloqique Recherche Remodelling PEN塑形筆配合精華 Cocktail d’Actifs Regenerants 重點擊退表情紋。

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        Second Skin 第二層肌膚面部療程